Our contest question: What does the „S“ in IBCS® mean?

Answer this question correctly and with a bit of luck you can win the trip to Barcelona.


Enter and win!

We have a good reason to be happy! 
We’re the world’s first company to hold all three IBCS® certifications. We’re proud to be able to share our concentrated IBCS® power with our customers, our network and our partners. And we want to celebrate with you! 

Fabulous grand and additional prizes await you in our IBCS® contest for each of our certifications. Enter and win! 

1st prize: Hola Barcelona!

Win a weekend in Barcelona! With a bit of luck we’ll send you and a person of your choice to the capital of Catalonia in early June. Stay two nights in the stylish “in” hotel and have a great time. In addition, you will also receive an admission ticket for the IBCS® annual meeting 2 June 2017. Become familiar with the latest visualisation trends and meet like-minded people from around the world!

2nd prize: 1 consultant, 2 days, your new information design!

One of our IBCS® Certified Consultants will be available to you and your questions at a workshop for an entire day (an additional day will be invested in preparation and follow-up). You’ll work together directly on your examples! Improve your reporting while becoming familiar with the basics of IBCS®. 

3rd prize: gIV software a chance

Win a comprehensive demo version of gIV for IBM Cognos 2.0 including a one-day workshop! Gain an insight into the world of IBM Cognos with one of our consultants and learn what’s possible with gIV for IBM Cognos 2.0. The demo version can be used company-wide. Discover standardised reporting and explore all the possibilities of IBCS®-compliant visualisations in depth.

IBCS® Certified Provider

As IBCS® Certified Providers we can implement the IBCS® standards in practical projects. At the same time, ten percent of our employees possess a valid certification as IBCS® consultants. In addition, we can present our own example solutions compliant with the current IBCS® standards. 

Learn more about our Information Design expertise.

IBCS® Certified Consultants

As IBCS® Certified Consultants we show our many years of experience in controlling and business intelligence projects according to IBCS® standards. Our three certified consultants have participated in vocational training of the HICHERT+FAISST IBCS® Institute, have passed the final examination and have submitted their own IBCS® work samples. 

Meet our IBCS® Certified Consultants!

IBCS® Certified Software

With our IBCS® certified software gIV for IBM Cognos 2.0 we enable IBM customers to create IBCS®-compliant visualisations. The IBCS® seal is awarded to standard software which can be used to create IBCS®-compliant diagrams and tables. 

Learn more about our product gIV for IBM Cognos 2.0!

Additional prizes:

We’re offering not only grand, but also exciting additional prizes: You can look forward to IBCS® with SUCESS posters, IBCS® Top 10 posters and our gIV card games in which we’ve given free rein to our expertise and our creativity (also add link to blog). Sweeten your daily work routine!

Closing date: Sunday 30.04.2017 24:00 hours CET

Terms of Participation (short)

  • Closing date: Sunday 30.04.2017 24:00 hours CET
  • Draw and notification of the winners: 03.05.2017 (notification by e-mail or telephone)

  • Persons with at least 18 years of age are eligible to participate. Employees of the gmc², the participating cooperation partners as well as their respective members are excluded from participation.

  • The participation and the profit opportunities are not dependent on the purchase of a product or use of a service of gmc². The acquisition of a product or the use of a service does not increase the profit opportunities.

  • A cash payment of the assets or exchange of the winnings is not possible. The winnings are transferable to third parties only with the consent of the organizer.

  • There is no right of appeal.
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