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Date(s) - 09.11.2017
17:30 - 18:15



Im Zusammenhang mit der UN-Klimakonferenz 2017 in Bonn findet das Barcamp #100actions4the planet, climate & people im BonnLAB statt. Unser Mitarbeiter Marian Rondorf hält am Donnerstag, 9.11.2017 um 17:30 Uhr einen der vielen interessanten und informativen Vorträge – seid dabei! Weitere Informationen zu den Vorträgen findet ihr auf der Sessionseite des Barcamp.

Um möglichst vielen Interessierten die Möglichkeit zu geben an den Vorträgen und Diskussionen teilzunehmen werden diese auf Englisch gehalten. Und darum geht es:


Climate justice and a sustainable development don’t work without businesses. The EU directive on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which was recently translated into German and other EU member countries law „forces“ bigger companies to a sustainability reporting. Certainly, a political step towards transparency and sustainability that requires some effort by companies (finally, yay). But is this obligation only to be seen as an annoying duty? (From a company’s point of view). Aren’t there many pros to integrate CSR into one’s company’s core business and to report about one’s sustainability performance?

Sure enough, it’s hard for many companies to find a solution to the new obligation. Also for small and medium sized companies that, as a result, have to report about their ecological and social performance to a certain degree, as well, this duty comes up – on top to their every day business.

What’s the deal with that obligation? How to create that sustainability report efficiently and thoroughly? And how to approach an integrated (and authentic) sustainability management that is no greenwashing?

A key note is going to tackle these questions – looking forward to a discussion!