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„gIV for IBM Cognos 2.0“ – product description

gIV for IBM Cognos 2.0 is the first IBCS®-certified product for Cognos and enables IBM customers to create visualizations in accordance with the IBCS® Standards. Its versatile functionality, such as data driven notation or one-to-one representation of the IBCS®SUCCESS formula, enables successful and effortless business communication based on the IBCS® standards. gIV for IBM Cognos 2.0 is fully integrated into the IBM Cognos Suite by using RAVE technology („Rapidly Adaptive Visualization Engine Technology“). Thus it is possible to keep the already familiar environment for developing and embedding annual reports. In addition, integration into the Cognos Suite allows active drill-down through interactive analysis paths. Visualizations can be adapted dynamically with the aid of graphical control elements to facilitate commensurate alignment with the requirements. gIV for IBM Cognos is effectively the perfect tool for supporting successful business management and increases the efficiency of decision-making processes. This leads to better, faster, and more cost-effective results at all stages of the decision-making process, from the provision of data and systems through the analysis of business figures and the preparation of messages to managerial decision-making.

High technical value through uniform, clear notation rules

  • Application of a framework for the fulfillment of reporting requirements in the direction of stakeholders (external / internal), Basel III / BCBS 239, Solvency II, CSR etc. in the context of governance, guidelines and policies
  • Efficiency and cost savings through standardized reporting
  • Maximize the use of the capabilities of an IBM Cognos BI Enterprise BI platform to create and distribute reports

Data-driven notation

  • Automatic formatting of visualization elements
  • Display of various scenarios
  • Allows real-time analysis

Full integration into the Cognos BI and Analytics Suite

  • Can be used starting with Cognos 10.2.2
  • 100% integrated
  • All common data sources can be connected
  • Full Cognos functionality

Flexible data connection

  • Filling data containers via drag & drop
  • Integration of different data sources
  • Central data management is possible
  • Efficient work preparation
  • Error prevention

Intuitive user interface

  • Easy and fast Report-building
  • Clarity
  • Mobile-ready
  • Time and cost savings

Active Reports functionality

  • Quick access to various data levels via controls
  • Conscious awareness and interpretation of connections
  • Facilitated cause identification

Standardization by IBCS®

  • Creates transparency
  • Enables quick and easy decisions
  • Provides the basis for lasting company success

Visualizations according to the IBCS®

gIV for IBM Cognos 2.0 improves your reports



fast and easy demo

SUCCESS stands for

Say — Convey a message
Unify — Apply semantic notation
Condense — Increase information density
Check — Ensure visual integrity
Express — Choose proper visualization
Simplify — Avoid clutter
Structure — Organize content

IBCS® certification

Through the certification carried out by the IBCS® Insitute and BARC, we have proven that with gIV for IBM Cognos 2.0 meaningful visualizations are easy to implement for your reports. Both the presentation in accordance with the IBCS® rules as well as the ease of handling were convincing. The audit of the IBCS® Institute and the objective analyst firm BARC consists of a two-stage procedure:

  1. It examines the extent to which the rules of the International Business Communication Standards can be implemented with the software. In addition to the rules for notation and unique representations, it is primarily about correct scaling over several visualization objects and automatic semantic representation of scenarios.
  2. In the BARC laboratory, the software is checked for its ease of use.

Further details about the certification process can be found on the pages of the IBCS® Institute or BARC (link to german content).

„Based on pure IBM Cognos technology, gIV is seamlessly integrated with the complete IBM Cognos BI product stack. This makes gIV for IBM Cognos also a good choice for large deployments, calling for – besides an almost perfect data driven IBCS® notation – professional BI functionality such as flexible data connectivity and automated report distribution.“ Jürgen Faisst

Member of the certification team, HICHERT+FAISST

gIV for IBM Cognos 2.0 in action

Starting with version 10.2.2., gIV for IBM Cognos 2.0 is seamlessly integrated into the Cognos BI suite. The intuitive user interface makes for easy and fast operation as well as more clarity during the creation of the reports. Due to the 100% integration there are no interface problems.

Flexible data connection

  • Data containers can be filled via drag & drop
  • Central data management possible

Presentation of different scenarios

  • Data-driven notation
  • Flexible, dynamic adjustments
Using the Active Reports functionality, analytic paths can be followed through drill-down clicks. Quick access to various data via controls helps to make decisions and improves them.
In addition, the combination of several individual visualizations in a template is possible. Consistent scaling allows you to quickly capture and compare information. The data of the individual visualisations must come from one data source. But various data sources can be easily integrated.
Do you want to edit your report? Highlight your message? Leave a Reply? No problem thanks to interactive comment capability or dynamic PowerPoint integration.


  • gIV Basic bundle (7.950 Euro) The Basic bundle includes all visualizations and associated functionality as well as licenses for two report authors and eight report consumers.
  • gIV Report Author (1.200 Euro) Report authors create and develop reports & dashboards.
  • gIV Report Consumer (200 Euro) Report consumers read and analyze reports & dashboards
  • Maintenance & Support (20% / Year from the 2. Year)    Regular updates of visualizations and templates, ticketing system & eMail-Hotline

Technical details

gIV for IBM Cognos 2.0 is 100 % upwards compatible with Cognos version 10.2.2. gIV for IBM Cognos 2.0 is based on IBM’s RAVE Technologie („Rapidly Adaptive Visualization Engine-Technologie“). Therefore no special system requirements are needed. Furthermore no extra server is needed.

  • IBM Cognos BI / IBM Cognos Analytics / IBM Planning Analytics etc. from version 10.2.2
  • Desktop- und mobile-ready
  • 100% integrated
  • Full integration and connectivity with Microsoft Office (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx)
  • No extra system requirements

User manual

You want to get more information about gIV for IBM Cognos? No Problem – Just download the user manual and get the information you are searching for. For specific questions and requirements contact us directly.

user manual - gIV for IBM Cognos (35 Downloads)

Our success stories of gIV for IBM Cognos

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